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Week 2 - Cricket Comes to Visit

Being yourself as a client is so HARD! Anyone else with me? If it's someone else's space I have no problem pulling everything together and making decisions. I mean the flip house that my sister and I did was on schedule for the reno because I easily made design decisions. But my own spaces, not so much.

I posted on Insta earlier in the week for people to vote for one of my mood boards because I literally felt frozen with fear that I was pulling together a room that looks like Cricket did it. If you don't know who Cricket is, let me fill you in.

There is an app called Quibi that I've currently become addicted to. Each series in the app has episodes that are between 7-10 minutes long. So I can say I've binged watched a show and I've only sat on my butt for less than two hours. AND having a five year old means you don't get to sit and watch TV so seven minutes is perfect! Okay, long story short, there is a show called "Flipped", where two wanna-be-TV-famous designers are kidnapped by the Mexican cartel and they force the designers to redesign their mansions. I know you'll be surprised because I have more followers than just those that live in my house, but No one paid me to mention this show.

Okay, back to the ORC. So I was worried I was getting too much color and that it might start to look like Cricket from Flipped came to my house. Take a scroll through the options I posted:

My gut told me option 1 was the way to go, and you guys voted and agreed! BUT I still haven't pulled the trigger on the rug. I'm definitely doing the wallpaper from WoodChip & Magnolia in the bathroom that is in option one, and I'm tempted to hang the wallpaper myself because I'm not sure how much I want a stranger in my house right now. Here are the five rug options I'm considering, two of them were in the original Insta post, and I've added three more. I'm basically making myself insane over the rug. Below they are in order of my current preference.

1. Safaviah Home this has a warm cozy look, a nice teal color AND it will brighten up the room, the price is a little over my budget

2. Loloi rugs this rug was in the Insta post and had the majority of the votes, I'm still feelin' it and it will have a silky feel to it and is easily cleaned.

3. Bungalow Rose - this rug will also feel silky, and will be easy to clean, plus it has the same painterly feel as the wallpaper that will go in the bathroom

4. Loloi rugs it will lighten up the room and bring all the colors together

5. nuLoom rugs I like this one because it has more of a worn/vintage look

Other than deciding on a rug I need to figure out if I can strip our current night stands myself, or if those will need to go to a professional. I figure that I peeled old paint down to the wood at our flip house, so surely I can handle night stands, right?

Hope you guys have checked out all the other amazing participants in the challenge. If not, you can find them all right here!

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