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Lofty Goals

Glad you could join me for this addition of lofty goals and high expectations for my personal skillset. I'm one of those people that often says, "I can make that if I just had the time (or patience)." Well I have the time now, and I have a whole list of "I can make that" projects that aren't all related to the ORC.

When creating my mood board, I imagined the room to have simple bedding. A quilt, a linen blanket, and a bolster pillow that matched the drapery that I would make myself. The bolster pillow even had piping in my imagination, which I've never done before, but figured since I can sew basic stuff like pillows and stuffed animals, then why not a bolster with piping?

I totally winged it too. I started with 3/16" cording and figured an1.5" wide piece of fabric to sew the cording into should work fine. Then I used one of my child's plates to make the template of the circle for each end. Three tries later I have two round ends with piping and the center of the pillow sewn, BUT THEN I broke my sewing machine! I guess I'll finish this project once I get the machine back from the repair shop :-( Or I might attempt to hand sew it.

I really haven’t accomplished much over the last 14 days that is picture-worthy. I’ve ordered a rug and plan to pull ALL the furniture out of the room this weekend to install it. The draperies are installed and my niece gave me a snake plant which you can see both in the photo below. The drapery fabric is Genevieve Gorder and it is a very nice weight for drapes which makes it hang really nice.

I’m not sure this rocking chair will stay in the room. I love it but I might shop my house for another one that is comfy.

In the meantime, if you have a chance, go check out all the fabulous designers here.

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