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Approaching the Finish Line - Week 7

Thanks for stopping by and following this little journey for the Better Homes and Gardens One Room Challenge. I can't believe it's week seven already. In the beginning, I didn't believe I had THAT much to do. I mean I finished the gut and rebuild of our master bath in 6 weeks, but then I remembered COVID.

The accomplishments have been small this week, even though I'm posting at the very last minute. Eek! The rug arrived and has been installed which is a big deal considering we had to move pretty much everything out of our bedroom in order to lay it out and my husband is rarely home to do these types of things. The rug was the biggest design issue that I fretted over. I was worried about the room looking too much of an overdone Asian theme. I was worried about having a dark rug in there again. I was worried about too much pattern. UGH! In this picture, you can see a sneak-peek of the #ebonyandivory rug from #Surya. I absolutely love it! It balances out the chinoiserie pieces in the room and adds a nice graphic pattern, PLUS, it will look great in my midcentury modern dream home, someday. The other piece that will look amazing in my dream home is the rocker chaise I pulled from the basement playroom! I wish it was a real Adrian Pearsall but it does have walnut legs and is beautiful. I do love the rocker that was previously in the room, but I seem to get kicked off the bed when all three of us are watching TV so now I have a comfy place to sit.

Speaking of chinoiserie, I split a chinoiserie screen into two panels and hung them behind the nightstands to create the illusion of height to the room. You can also see a little peek of this in the image below.

I can't wait to share the final review with you next week! I do have a few little things on my list to finish up in week eight like finish sewing the bolster pillow for the bed by hand since I broke the sewing machine (it's going to bed three weeks before it's fixed)! I need to hang the bedside lights and add in accessories. It doesn't seem like much, but I'm sure it will take me the entire week. In the meantime, you should head over to the #ORC blog to see all the other amazing designers' accomplishments. Have a great week!

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