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I wish in college I had remembered that moment, but I had blocked it out. I majored in Interior Design, and made it two years into the program then switched to Communications so I wouldn’t incur anymore student loan debt. Trying to be fiscally responsible ended up killing my dream. I've had this blog for years but never really post but given the COVID-19 situation, there is no time like the present to try again. Creating unique, and welcoming spaces is what lights me up inside.

I’m tired of saying “what if,” so here we go…

I decided to finish that degree in Interior Design and am ready to put it to good use and realize my dream. I’ll occasionally do some DIY. I own a sewing machine and a drill, and that’s about it. I’ve learned over the years what I have the patience to try and when I should just hire a professional.

I pour over magazines, blogs, Pinterest and books for inspiration, and attempt my own unique spin. I think creating a home takes time and bit-by-bit we make it our own by hunting for things we love and pieces that inspire us.

I do love to mix high and low items, not everything has to be designer, but I do want the pieces we use every day to be durable, versatile, kid/dog friendly, and comfortable or beautiful.


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