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Master Bedroom and Ensuite Reveal!

I can't believe how quickly eight weeks went by and it's finally reveal time. I was so grateful for the distraction from COVID-19 and the push to create a finished retreat for us. A huge thank you to Linda Weinstein for pulling the One Room Challenge event together and to the media sponsor Better Homes and Gardens. I look forward to participating in the future.

Being captive in my own home for so many weeks has shown me where I need to declutter and where I need to layer in more accessories to make things more inviting. The master bedroom is always at the bottom of the list, and I'm glad I finally decided to pull the space together. Renovations are something I don't mind because I will set a timeline to make everything function and pretty again, but decorating, I just think I'll do it overtime for myself. Hunt for the perfect accessories, draperies, and rug. I mean my personal style is eclectic anyway, but committing to a deadline for decorating for myself I've never done. I'll definitely continue to do it all at one time now. Sure I'll still hunt for special items because that's the fun part and then I can shift things around and curate different areas of my home. But on to the reveal...

Master Bedroom

Here is the BEFORE...

It's was fine, and functional (boring) but you can see that it was an after thought.

And without further ado...

I'm very happy with where I landed. Very Zen with touches of modern. It feels cozy but not too dark anymore. The addition of the cream rug with a black graphic pattern is my favorite part. It took me a few weeks to make a decision, but I'm glad I kept looking! I ended up hand sewing the rest of the bolster pillow and I think it turned out better than me using my sewing machine. I don't typically like matchy-matchy for myself but I think the bolster is just the right amount. I had ordered a linen duvet from CB2 but the color was off, so I'm still on the hunt for some subtle color to add to the bed.

Sources for the bedroom:

Paint Benjamin Moore Mediterranean Teal | Bed CB2 | Bedding CB2 | Rug Surya | Drapery fabric is Geneve Gorder in Velvet Flock | Similar Chaise Rocker | Bedside Lights France & Son | Art above the bed is Julius Friedman | Art on each side of the TV is custom work from Mike McGuire of Cincinnati

Ensuite Reveal

Just for a recap, when we moved in the master bathroom had carpet in half of it. Less than three days after moving in the shower started leaking into the kitchen (nice work inspector). I was seven months pregnant and just wanted to do some basic nesting, but no such luck.

Here is the BEFORE...

Here is the AFTER...

YES, I have a close-up shot of toilet paper and a lovely holder. One how could I NOT post a picture of the star of 2020, TOILETPAPER and two I'm relieved to have a place to sit my phone so it won't slide out of my back pocket into the toilet. With the surfacing being so reflective you hardly notice it because all you see is that beautiful wallpaper from Woodchip & Magnolia! Moving on...

We are in a very traditional house, but it lacks character so adding the traditional texture of marble really makes the space feel special yet current. Then I wanted to add touches of modern like the sconces and ceiling fixtures. I love the vibe at any 21C Museum Hotel so adding the girl with the 'X's' over her eyes was reminiscent of the boutique hotel. Then my final touch of modern is the Louise Ghost chair, which I've had for years and I still love it, especially for small spaces. The only thing that was actually done for the #ORC was the wallpaper from Woodchip and Magnolia and toilet paper holder. Unfortunately, the door pulls didn't arrive in time :-(

Thank you again for following along on this journey and don't forget to check out all the other reveals over on the blog here!

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