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Things Are Happening - Week 4

Thank you for following along in this adventure of my first One Room Challenge. If this is your first time here, thank you for coming. If you aren't familiar with the ORC here are some details: There are 20 interior design professionals selected to share their journey in a room transformation and also brings together interior design enthusiast and gives them a platform to share and encourage each other to finish their transformations over an 8 week period.

This week I've completed the matching nightstand. This time I used Citristrip instead of the heat gun because I was reading so many good things online and the success people had with it. using the heat gun was, well, hot, and with the humidity in Kentucky I was hoping to take some of the sweat out of this project. I applied the Citristrip and wrapped it in plastic for 24 hours, then scrapped with a plastic trowel. Well peeps I'm here to tell you the heat gun was much easier and faster. The Citristrip did take off the vast majority, but I had to reapply it in places and wait for it to do it "magic." Then it had to be scrubbed down, and sanded a lot more than the one I did with the heat gun. I'd say the Citristrip took me two hours longer than the heat gun. Sorry that I didn't take pictures!

There a lots of little things happening, like the bed was delivered from CB2 last week and I'm so relieved it works with our adjustable bed base. CB2 doesn't recommend it, but it does work just fine. I've also ordered new hardware for the bathroom closets and a toilet paper holder. I'm a little embarrassed by the toilet paper holder, but the reality is we are in the bathrooms with our phone.

The biggest thing that has happened though is the wallpaper in the bathroom is going up. It's so gorgeous in person I can barely stand it. Although the bath is only half done I just want to sit in there and stare. Here's a sneak peek of the beautiful Woodchip & Magnolia wallpaper.

It adds so much character to the room, and now every other room seems boring!

In other news, I still haven't picked a rug. I'm leaning towards something a little simpler because I didn't want it to feel like it was overly themed, but of course I found one I do like with pattern (third one down). I'm pretty sure my sister has it in pink!

Till next week! Thank you for stopping by and don't forget to check out all the other amazing participants here.

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