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Updated: May 7, 2020

I've decided to finally do it. I'm joining the Spring ONE ROOM CHALLENGE

Well it's another day of the pandemic quarantine, but I've decided I'm going to start being really productive. I've joined the One Room Challenge as a guest participant and will finally pay some attention to the master bedroom and bathroom.

I ignored the master bedroom in our previous house too. It always came last on the list of things to-do mainly because no one sees it so I just add things or tweak things here and there, but it's never ever felt like it was thoughtfully designed.

This isn't going to be a complete overhaul because we've already gutted the master bath the first month we were in the house because the shower was leaking into the kitchen. But since I was just trying to "get things done" I had it painted Fieldstone Grey and it's just so blah, especially when I have the rich deep color of the teal. So, I don't think I will change the color of the bed room. It's Mediterranean Teal by Benjamin Moore and I still love it after 5 years. I've already added can lighting, and I have new draperies ready to go. For now I'm not replacing the wall-to-wall carpet because I have a 15 (almost 16) year-old-dog and there are "accidents" sometimes. I rather not get super upset about an accident and just steam clean the area and move on.

Now that's I've told you what I'm not going todo, you may wonder, well what the heck is she going to do? We need a proper bed frame. Right now it's just on the adjustable base with a headboard that is not attached, which is a little dangerous with a 5 year old jumping on the bed. The bedside lamps must go. We need something that is mounted to the wall and can be used for reading. I've never invested in nice bedding, plus I want to coordinate with the drapes now. The nightstands will get a refresh. I'm going to attempt to strip them myself and return them to the natural wood color, but may have to take them somewhere. Depending on the COVID situation I may hire someone to install crown molding, and MAY put wallpaper on the ceiling. For the bathroom I'm going to add wallpaper that ties the two together, plus I need new door hardware everywhere.

In the gallery you can see the original state of the bedroom and our bathroom remodel. The bathroom originally had no door and carpeting! The vanity came up to my upper thigh and I'm only 5'3". Plus, the shower was leaking into the kitchen. Once we opened it up we discovered a nice big hole in the plywood in the shower. It all had to go!

My plan is all very accessible design. The bed, quilt and duvet cover I'm sourcing from CB2. The bedside lights are France & Son, the drapery fabric is by Genevieve Gorder. I've order several samples of wallpaper that you can see below.

Wallpaper options below, but I'm still waiting on one more before I make a decision. For now, please go check out all the other fabulous designers participating in the One Room Challenge here.

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